Station Meditation




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The expanse of the city is divided among perceptions of space. Private space, public space, your own individual bubble: as personal space is precious, every inch, every square foot, is appointed value. In constricted environments your distinctions in space are more profound. In New York, humans who have pilgrimaged to arrive or were born and bred all bask in the sifting garbage smell like a bouquet of roses: “it’s beautiful because it’s ours”.
In writer Molly Davy’s three-part satire “Station Meditation”, she explores a plot of real estate and its particularly important value in an especially compressed space. The subway car is the setting for exploring consciousness, where every thought is equally considered.



Theorizing: moments of connection & how stagnant states leave to active minds



Download ‘Allocation’




An inner dialogue from a Manhattan-bound F train between Carroll Street and West 4th.



Download ‘Rumination’



This is a visualization script designed to be repeated for commutes of 20 minutes or more. It is a challenge to remain mindful and self-aware on a moving train en route to Demand and Obligation. Incorporate this into your daily routine, replacing your normal practices of reading the paper over a stranger’s shoulder or imagining that bald, middle-aged man as a baby.


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Molly Davy is a writer and MA Candidate at NYU. She is the founder of BANQUET Magazine and Womanhouse.